The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach Condos in Sin Haiwai


2015 – Decrypting Miami, the nation’s most dynamic global market

September 15, 2015

Data Miami Association of Realtors (Miami Association of Realtors) published data show that in March 2014, the market compared with the same period a year of strong sales growth for the Miami luxury condominiums market. Apartment average sales price rose 7.5 percent, from $ 200,000 in March 2014 rose to $ 215,000 in March of this year. Real Estate overall average selling price from $ 377,290 last March rose to $ 398,994 in March this year, an increase of 5.8%.

With the global market for Miami’s attention constantly refreshed in 2015 in China also showed to Florida this great tourism resources, rapid economic development of the region enthusiasm. This exhibition brings a number of US developers focused on real estate in Miami, it could be a tribute to the global high-end residential. Sina overseas real estate today interviewed LIONHEART CAPITAL Sales Director George Mr. Mato, on high-end residential real estate market in Miami do a lot of understanding.

George believes that the comprehensive advantages of the Miami real estate market is extremely significant. First, its climate. Florida, with its beaches, warm climate, with sunny weather and famous, Miami is the best winter resort in the minds of Americans, the sun shines more than 300 days throughout the year, there are very suitable for long-term residence and vacation; the second is in Miami compared to New York, California and other popular cities, individuals are not subject to state or city income tax, consumption levels are relatively low; third is to have direct flights between Miami and China, which hold a property abroad has greatly increased the ease; Fourth from a macro point of view, the Miami luxury condominiums real estate prices are far below the same level of international cities. Compared with other global cities the average price of apartments, prices Miami, New York, only 37% Beijing 40%, 26% in London, 20% in Hong Kong, not only in the world, than any other US market is highly price advantage of. “Of course, the advantages of investing in Miami more than that, as for us, or that Ritz-Carlton is a high-end, reliable guarantee value growth!” Mato added.

Of course, the real estate investment in the United States, need to focus on local economic development, population growth and regional markets. Miami is not only a globally recognized tourist destination, but also has a diversified industry: the city’s business and industry, the main industrial sectors are electronics, electrical appliances, clothing, food, plastics, and other decorations for the country’s third-largest clothing center, also grapes, fruit distribution center also Sheng fisheries, the Army, the Navy base, and the Latin American air traffic hub. West of Miami International Airport, more than 60 domestic and international routes monarch. It harbor profound, Dodge Island and other places have built large passenger terminal, has replaced New York as the nation’s largest passenger port; the city has more than 400 luxury hotels, which can host 200,000 tourists. Miami is also an important financial center, there are more than 100 domestic and foreign banks. In recent years, Miami and China have maintained friendly relations with the “cruise capital of the world,” said Miami in August, just the conclusion of international friendship cities and Sanya, the common development of the cruise industry.

When we look at the nation’s real estate market, Miami is a more interesting city pluralism.

Global Identity Extreme Black Label – The Ritz-Carlton, VIP indefinitely

LIONHEART CAPITAL The exhibition at the grand launch of the Ritz-Carlton in Miami luxury condos project, which covers an area of ​​7 acres in a quiet corner of Surprise River, personally designed by the Italian architect Pierre Lissoni, modern aesthetics Ritz-Carlton hotel brand with classic service to redefine modern life in Miami.

When talking about the project, George showed a very confident, this confidence comes from just one word: Ritz-Carlton. If the global luxury standards to discuss the project, without any adjectives, only this one word is enough, so the brand too weighty, and the project itself, and too limited!

It is well known as the world’s top hotel brands, it can be described as the flagship five-star Ritz-Carlton hotel brand among, among the world’s top business elite have more fans. Namely, its planning high-end residential apartments, villas or private property, as an extension of the brand in the world, where only 12, including New York, Boston, Atlanta, Hawaii and other leading cities, so a limited amount of work, so gather the high-end market , Ritz-Carlton has a chance for global buyers remains to a rare opportunity to say that, even with more wealth, it may not have the opportunity to have private is a Ritz-Carlton property.

According to George reports, once they become Ritz-Carlton Miami luxury condominiums tenants, the Ritz-Carlton will be given away precious lifetime VIP Grand interests, including: the Ritz-Carlton in the world has a VIP check-in price, 100% done booking our customers’ success.

Miami Luxury Condominums Ultra-Luxury Property – The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach

Project total of 111 residential apartments and 15 villas, including gardens, swimming pool, entertainment space, 36 private marina! -5 2 bedroom units room design, ranging from the construction area, more than 60 unique units of personalized design, to transfer the case of private, personal information from 180 square meters to 1022 square meters. High specification such as Boffi kitchen renovation complete, long stone kitchen countertops, Gaggenau appliances, built-in coffee machines and systems together to create a quality of life to enjoy the best wave.

Ritz-Carlton brand as the best interpretation of history, the Miami residential project will contain the best quality Miami unparalleled resort a style facilities, including water features social space with a bar, a half-acre tropical garden style stable pool can glance Miami beach, the city center and panoramic views of the Gulf of Scandia. More noteworthy highlights are: the project with a private marina and yacht VanDutch private services with captain and coastal, beach boarding services. Private spa suite, sauna, steam room sweat and other experience everything ……

It can be said, at the Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach apartment living, equivalent to become permanent residents of the Ritz-Carlton, where all tastes, all values ​​have become distinguished master’s pet.