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Miami Luxury condos at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach Ocean Drive Cover

Ocean Drive’s Swimsuit Issue Photo Shoot at the Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach

By: Alex De Armas

Modern swimsuit models have a hard life — posing for picture after picture in outfit after outfit — and only one will make the cover. Deco’s Alex de Armas has the tough assignment of hanging out on a boat and at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Miami Beach. Her mission: take us inside Ocean Drive Magazine’s sexiest shoot of the year: the Swimsuit Issue.

Gary James, photographer: “You’re killing it.”

Picking the cover shot…

Gary James: “On this one, smile.”

For Ocean Drive Magazine…

Gary James: “Put your hands up in the air.”

Takes a lot of creativity…

Gary James: “Put your hand in just a little bit.”

A ton of sexiness…

Gary James: “Hold on. Don’t move, don’t change.”

And plenty of hard work.

Gary James: “Hold that, hold that. All right, relax for a second.”

The money shot must show off Miami.

Gary James: “Sophisticated, beautiful, all about the Miami lifestyle.”

Jared Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief, Ocean Drive: “We’ve been the official magazine for Swim Week for over 13 years. It gets bigger and bigger every year.”

It takes a full team, a stunning model, plus a variety of swimsuits. So, with a hair toss, some glam and a touch-up, it’s off to the next suit.

The team says their goal is to tell a story.

Hayley Denman, stylist: “The lighting, to the shadows, to maybe how we want to control wind blowing. So there’s all these little pieces that go into telling that story.”

The style, of course, top-notch.

Hayley Denman: “We got a little bit of everything. We’re really talking Boho, chic 70s retro. So we kinda went back to the sexy, cut-out bohemian, a little bit of turquoise, bring in some gold, layered chains and chokers.”

Fringe, denim and lace. Must-haves this season.

Hayley Denman: “Accessories this season are all a bit fringy and boho and just classic glamour. Great hats. The studded shoes. Chokers.”

Gary James: “I love that. Push yourself that way. Nice, beautiful. Very creative. Hold it.”

After hours of work and posing-…

Gary James: “We can go all day long searching for that ‘holy grail’ shot, and it’s really just for the love of the art.”

The shot that truly captures Miami’s swimsuit season is shot and ready for the world to see.

Jared Shapiro: “The entire magazine is going to be chock-full of local and international designers, super models, so it’s really a fun time to sit back, relax and take in the sun and the beach and everything Miami has to offer.”

The issue is now available. Make sure to pick up your copy.