facebook pixel The Universal Language of Art at Art Basel Miami 2016 - The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach


The Universal Language of Art at Art Basel Miami 2016

November 30, 2016

We are bananas over Basel. It’s that time of year again — and we’ve canvassed the hot new additions ready to be displayed during this year’s International Art Fair. And there’s some cool bleep!!!

Jessica Goldman Srebnick: “The greatest art in the world is all here at one time, and that in itself is an incredible gift.”

Basel is back and it’s time for the 305 to showoff its masterpieces.

Jessica Goldman Srebnick: “We are standing in the Goldman Global Arts Gallery, the first time we’ve had this gallery inside the Wynwood Walls.”

One of the newest creations is the Originals exhibit, which features an international group of artists.

Peter Tunney: “We really thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you walk through the walls, and then you walked into a gallery where you could collect the art from the artists in the walls.’”

Another new touch? Chiseled boulders carved by Japanese artist Ken Hiratsuka. The rocks show parts of the iconic murals that brighten up the Wynwood neighborhood.

Ken Hiratsuka: “For example, this is Shepard Fairey’s Tony Goldman image. Right here, it’s a green baby.”

And Miami’s own Tatiana Suarez is being featured for the first time.

Tatiana Suarez: “I always paint these women. I wanted to bring in a little bit of Miami flavor without it being neon lights.”

Talk about lights. The Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach is all about them with the Ritz Rainbow.

Yvette Mattern: “It’s just a gorgeous project, it’s a big work.”

You don’t need a special invite or pass to see the laser installation that’s traveled the world. The light show can be seen 25 miles away, so you can experience it from different parts of the Magic City.

Yvette Mattern: “The rainbow always has a dialogue with architecture around it, with the landscape and it changes in a way every time it’s presented.”

Whether it’s lights, sculptures or murals that catch your eye this Basel, art is always global.

Jessica Goldman Srebnick: “The beautiful thing about art is that you don’t have to speak a certain language to understand it. It’s a universal language and just like love, art is understood by all.”