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Your Own Private Concierge Doctor at Home

March 25, 2020

Home is where you should feel the healthiest. At The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Miami Beach, owners receive a one-year membership to the full-service practice, The Agatston Center for Private Medicine, led by world-renowned cardiologist, nutritionist and author, Dr. Arthur Agatston MD, FACC.

“Our all-access, personalized approach ensures patients are receiving the best and highest level of care suited to their needs.” – Dr. Arthur Agatston


The Agatston Center for Private Medicine is a primary care and cardiology practice offering all-access, highly individualized care plans. This membership is available to all family members residing at The Residences.

Family members of each household will receive:

  • Unlimited, 24-hour access to physicians via cell telephone, text, email, office telephone and same day in-office visits.
  • House-calls when deemed medically necessary.
  • An annual executive physical examination to identify baseline health and determine a path to achieve health goals.
  • Development of a personalized wellness plan.
  • Coordination and scheduling of all specialty physician appointments, diagnostic procedures and hospital services.
  • Inpatient consultation and supervision for any hospital admission.

Dr. Agatston is a world-renowned cardiologist who along with radiologist, Warren Janowitz developed a simple CT scan screening test known as the “Agatston Score.” This simple, noninvasive test is recognized by most cardiac prevention experts as the best predictor of future heart attack or stroke as well as other chronic disease.

Dr. Agatston is also an expert in nutrition who authored The New York Times #1 best seller “South Beach Diet” in followed by 12 other nutrition, cardiac prevention and gluten related books which have sold more than 23 million copies in 33 languages worldwide. He has authored more than 200 scientific papers and abstracts. He was recognized as one of the “Time 100” most influential individuals in 2004.

Learn more about Dr. Agatston at http://agatstoncenter.com/